Proud Fox specialise in catering for private events and public occasions. We bring our culinary wagon to varied locations and cook up a myriad of feasts. Our menus offer a heady blend of Arabic and Hispanic dishes, food that traverses the Southern Mediterranean into the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. Our cooking is informed by a labyrinth of culinary and cultural traditions, experienced first hand from our travels.
Our menus are formed from the premise of making simple food cooked from the best possible ingredients to create an intensely flavoured meal. The vegetables and herbs, which are not grown with our own fair hands are sourced from local organic fields, while our meats are sourced from free-roaming farms. We like to balance the robust styles of Spanish cooking with the lighter, intriguing dishes of the Muslim world, from earthy slow cooked stews to exotic salads. We understand the importance of using traditional cooking methods to produce food that is both authentic and utterly delicious.